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Installation, maintenance, troubleshooting ... heating, plumbing, air conditioning
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We are a department of JULES CUNIN GROUP specialising in the areas of HVAC engineering, Sanitary works and Industry piping ; as such, we are experts in all engineerings, technics and in all the trades practising in those areas.


Our department intervenes in the maintenance required for the buildings, be it tertiary or industrial area, private or public. We used to intervene throughout the region of the Vosges. Exceptionnally for specific works, we may be present in the neighbouring departments.

Small works ( on call)
Repair work ( private and tertiary):

  • Work related tomaintenance contacts
  • Plumbing
  • High energy efficiency heating
  • Cold air conditioning alorne or reversible
  • Sanitary appliances: water hjeated, softner, booster
  • Turnkey bathroom t someone with reduced mobility
  • System adjustments, replacement of spare parts

Travaux industriels:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Performance improvements
  • Heater
  • Cold production
  • Ventilation
  • Compressed air production
  • Compliance
  • Technical installations

Types of Contracts:

Inividual contracts :
Maintenance contracts: annual maintenancevisit, 24/7 repairs, intervention within 24 hours.

Tertiary contract:
Maintenance according to process and specifications of sets of heating, air conditioning and plumbing installations
Terms specific to each offer


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