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Maintenance of your boiler

Your boiler must be checked every year during its obligatory maintenance visit.

Associated with a maintenance contract, it is the guarantee of a fast and complete support if necessary.

A well-maintained boiled is:

  • Energy avings of 8 to 12% * ( Sourve ADEME)
  • A lifespan of your heating system multiplied by 2
  • Safety and comfort

Troubleshoot your boiler

In the event of a breakdown on your boiler, we interve,e as soon as possible to help and troubleshoot;

You will fing the rated four our interventions on the " Our rates" page in the Cunin Maintenance subsidary.

Replace your boiler.

Do you want to replace yuor boiler ?
Our RGE certified teams will advise you on the best technical solutions and financial devices available ( Energy Saving Certificate ( EEC), Tax Credits, etc.)

Heat pumps (heating and air conitioning)

Do you want to rpovide both heating and cold and enjoy a comfortable temperature in winter and summer ?
The installation of a heat pump may be the most suitable solution.

Air conditioner:

Whatever your air conditioning system, we're here to

Maintain and troubleshot your air conditioner (split system and multsplit) as well as the heat pump.

The annual maintenance of your heat pump and air conditioner ( split system, multisplit) by a professional is mandatory if its refrigerant charge is greater than 2 kilograms ( approximately 12 Kw).

If you need to troubleshoot your air/ air or air/ water heat pump, air conditioner ( split system, multisplit), we are ready to intervene as soon as possible.

Installation of heat pump and all air conditioning ( split system and multisplit)

The heat pump is the most suitable system if your want to produce both heat and cold;

During the heat do you want your house to be cool ? We are ready to assist you in your project to install all air conditionning systems (split system and multisplit)

Sanitary plumbing and bathroom

We offer the complete realization ( creation or renovation) of turnkey bathrooms, the study, design ans installation of sanitary facilities, plumbing, piping and taps work, but also the layout of the bathroom for people with reduced mobility.

Solar water heat

How does a solar water heater work ?

In the solar thermal panel, the water or the heat transfer liquid heats up under the action of the sun. This liquid then goes to the water heater. It passes through the water heater in the coil and diffuses the heat it has stored. Then go back to the panel. Back-up energy is used to heat your water on bad weather days.

Operation of a solar water heater:


Save large amounts of energy with the solar heater:

The solar water heater need a backup water heater to meet all of your family's hot water needs. But it will allow you to reduce energy consumption. We can say that on average, thanks to the solar water heater, energy savings amount to 60%. In addition, the installation of a solar water heater allows you to obtain financial aid from the State in 2020 thanks to this good ecological behavior.

Solar panels are cost effective and recyclable. They can produce up to 80% hot water for your home. It takes about 5 years on average topay them off. The amount to heat supplied depends on the intensity of the suns radiation and the ability of the solar panels) ti capture and transmit the heat. During periods of cloudy or rainy weather, it is very useful to add an additional system, a backup water heater. The sun can produce up to 80% of the domestic hot water and 35% of the heating of a building free of charge.

The two types of use of the solar water heater:
  • To produce domestic hot water: in very sunny regions it is possible to cover all hot water needs.
  • To heat the house conneting to a cumulus ( domestic hot water tank)  or to a boiler to supply the heating circuit.

Therse two methods signicantly reduce your energy bill.
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